Airspace security

The Big Problem

 Drones can be weaponized with explosive devices or other ordinances which can cause injury, harm and physical damage to infrastructure.

Drones and UAS operators can also cause significant damage to infrastructure, whether accidental or intentional, by simply flying a drone or UAS into a building fan or HVAC system.


The Solution

Fortem TrueView Radar lets you detect all activity within the protected airspace                           to provide a complete view with early warning of intrusive air traffic.  

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If you detect an airspace intrusion, the Fortem SkyDome platform provides intelligent airspace data for classification and real-time intention discovery, including altitude, direction, and speed. You can also easily preconfigure the GUI with rules to create real-time alerts. 

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Once an aerial threat has been identified, Fortem DroneHunter can be deployed for rapid and complete remediation without causing collateral damage. 

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C-UAS Hire


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