Product Information


The Centurion is a mobile Rapid Deploy Guard Tower. It can be towed behind any vehicle with ball or pintle hitch. The Centurion’s ability to be rapidly deployed makes it ideal for Military Checkpoints, Dock Security, Border Patrol Operations and many other applications requiring mobile security.

For shipping, the Centurion Guards Tower can be shipped separate from the Trailer. We can fit 2 of the Centurions and 2 of the Centurion Trailers on a flat bed trailer for Conus locations and into 1- 40 ft high Cube Shipping Container for overseas locations. When they are unloaded with a fork lift, the Centurion can be placed on top of the Centurion Trailer and locked into position with the container twist locks as shown in photo.

Once it is on site, it can be manually deployed in about 10 minutes. The trailer outriggers are put into deployment position to stabilize the Centurion. It can be placed in the transport mode without heavy equipment and be ready for recovery or repositioning in about 10 minutes. 




Centurion Tower Products Sheet Uk_V1.0 (pdf)