Handheld CUAS Solutions

 Strike back at UAV threats with a portable counter-drone system that takes the fight to your adversaries

Electronic fences and directed energy weapons are failing to meet the realities of UAV threats, which are unpredictable and require a lightning-fast response. For effective counter-strikes, mobility is crucial. 

DRONEKILLER is the solution.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT Weighs approximately half of other handheld counter-UAV devices (8.5 lbs), enabling easy transport.
  • MULTIPLE BANDS DRONEKILLER disables drones operating on 7 frequency bands.\
  • NON-JAMMING DRONEKILLER can be safely operated around aircraft without disrupting GPS or radio signals.
  • SELF-POWERED With no external battery pack required, DRONEKILLER’s built-in batteries last 2 hours in active mode and up to 6 hours in sensor mode.
  • PICATINNY SMART RAIL INTEGRATION Mount DRONEKILLER to any Picatinny smart rail and lighten its weight even more by eliminating the need for the battery unit.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE Other fixed and mobile units cost millions. DRONEKILLER is priced in the thousands, leveling the playing field for local law enforcement and first responders*.


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