Product Information


The Raptor is a powder coated steel vehicle barrier that will repel vehicles that try to crash though it. Three of these can be shipped disassembled on a skid that is approximately 1.2m x 1.2m x 60cm with a weight of about 900kg. When needed, it can be rapidly assembled with supplied hardware and tools. No engineering support is required. Since it is a free standing barrier, it can be easily relocated with a forklift or our optional Raptor Cart. The open design does not allow someone to hide behind it as can be done with solid barriers. A chain kit is also available to attach several of the barriers together and/or anchor it to a specific location.


On May 15, 2010, we performed a crash test on the Raptor Vehicle Barrier. The testing was based on the ASTM Vehicle Crash Test Standard (ASTM F265-07). A 3/4 top pickup truck weighing 2.4 tons was crashed into the Raptor Vehicle Barrier (free standing on crushed rock) at 40 mph. 

As can be from the crash photo, the vehicle was brought to a complete stop and the barrier only moved about 60cm. he Raptor showed some damage, but could still be utilised as a barrier.




Raptor Sheet UK 1.2 Meter (pdf)